Comfort Over Stress

Staying in doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Sweats are the newest way to be comfortable and stylish. Pick a night to hang at home with friends, relaxing or watch a movie, all while staying COVID safe. »

It’s More Than Just A Phase, Mom

Given the traumatic events of the past year, I've found myself reaching for nostalgia as comfort. Specifically, solace in the grunge phenomena that was 2013-2015 Tumblr culture. »

Why I Wasted Half My Life Hating Pink

editorial culture
In a world where femininity is equated to weakness, rejecting everything "girly" can seem like the only way to present ourselves as strong and worthy of respect. Looking internalized misogyny in the eye, I am learning to embrace the things I once hated. »

Exploring the History of Matcha

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Matcha tea, like many things in life, has been around for many years before us and will hopefully continue for many after. With every sip, you unknowingly partake in history and tap into a lasting legacy of calm and comfort that is rarely this easy to find. »

Takes Time

editorial culture
Unity can be difficult to envision in a world stubborn in its division. Its promises made with crossed fingers, open arms across the aisle quick to close its counterparts out. »

Revisiting the Chess Board

editorial culture
After downloading on my phone, it’s embarrassing to say that it’s the second most used app on my phone. For the next 3 months, I played chess not only to get better but also as a stress reliever and when I felt especially bored. It didn’t take long before I noticed something incredibly unique. »

A University’s Push for Inclusivity

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The University of South Carolina is no stranger to a prejudiced history as an educational institution. Fortunately, landmark initiatives, alumni, and student groups have paved the way for the University to progressively change in becoming conscious of students of all backgrounds, races, religions, and ethnicities. »

Black is Art

Black bodies are some of the most classic forms of art. The blood of ancient empires runs through our veins. While some have made feeble attempts to capture the essence of beauty that expresses itself through our melanated skin, black bodies have rarel »