Meat Your Match

editorial culture
If you want to put together a good charcuterie board, put away everything you know. Unfortunately, this art form is surrounded by misinformation being spread through word of mouth and social media. »


Many things inspired the concept for this shoot. A feeling of escapism, of colors being able to transform a space, a mood and a vibe. Playing with silhouette, lines and texture was important for this shoot, especially since we were shooting with mo »

Facing Challenges Zoom-On

Professors are dealing with numerous limitations presented to them by online learning. They are still being asked to keep students engaged and motivated about their courses and being told to do so from behind a screen or wearing a mask. »

The Character of Fall

There is something about the crispness of the fall air. It lacks any false pretenses. Somehow the autumn air that we feel but never see holds clarity. A certain sharpness that makes me filled with hopeful anticipation for what each day holds. »

A New Gameday

What game days in South Carolina look like during COVID and how students are adapting to make the best of it »

Exploring the Drive-Through State Fair

In 2020 we have faced many difficulties that have affected businesses, schools, and the way people interact with each other. Despite these challenges, the South Carolina State Fair has figured out an inventive way to stay open and entertain the public »

Finding a Piece of Soul

When I finally reached the front of the line, a tall dreadlocked man greeted me warmly with a smile from behind the register. I noticed a staff of exclusively Black women culinary artists hastily preparing meals in the back. I felt at home. »

What Lies Below

It was behind him. He slowly turned around, knowing he was already gone. He stared at its feet, quivering in fear as he slowly raised his gaze upwards. »