The Comfort in Tangibility

With so much of our world online, the physical objects in our lives are fewer and more meaningful than ever. Why do we collect vinyl when Spotify curates our 'perfect' playlist of the week? Why lug around thousand-page novels when Kindles are so much more convenient? »

Crawfish Mural by McClellan Douglas

Central to his work, is the idea of fun. He laughed, saying that his work is “the fun part, there’s business too, but we’re going to have fun.” »

Riverwalk Mural by Christine Lutfy

“A lot of the times when I do murals, it’s nice when they know what they want but gibe me the creative style,” Lutfy said, smiling. “It’s creating a blank surface into life.” »

Millwood Mural by Cedric Umoja

For Umoja, art is also about people, and its about advocacy and representation, a sentiment reflected through both his honest, wise words and through his passions. “Art has been made into an elitist thing, but it shouldn’t be. The best art comes from the struggle.” »

Aaron Graves Mural by Lauren Andreu

For Andreu, like many other muralists, it’s all about the people. “Doing art can be very isolating, but community murals bring people out. It’s fun for me. It balances the introversion/extroversion kind of thing.” »

People Who Hate Beer Try Local Brews

Columbia, South Carolina is another city steadily growing their craft brewery population. To put these local beers to the test, we asked beer haters to try IPAs, sours, and kölsch.  *All participants featured are above the legal »