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Art of Emotions


Styled and written by Kylee Strickfaden 

Model: Evelyn Esquivel 

Death of the Influencer


Styled by Lily Miller


Ri Edinbeck: Sweater is Atlar’d State. Skirt is thrifted

Trinity Barata: Sweater is Altar’d State. Jeans are model owned from H&M 

Faith James: Sweater is Altar’d State. Jeans are model owned, brand unknown

Rewriting the Story of Medusa


Styled by Benjamin Early and Joelle Elliot

Models:  Danai Angelidis and Maria Georgopoulos

Fearless Fashion


Styled by Angel Sortijas

Model: Aliyah Grady

In Retrospect


Styled by Hui Penaflor

Photos by Alyssa Bladzik & Henry Travis

Music Through the Decades


Styled by Kylee Strickfaden

Photos by Alyssa Bladzik, Lexi Croft & Madeline Cesarz

Ballet to Runway


Styled by Audrey Savage

Photos by Laura Lucivero

Models: Izzy Gentry, Simone Harris and Marsh Kral

A World Full of Purses


Styled by Mia McManus
Photos by Hannah Flint

Dark Feminine and Mafia


Styled by Angel Sortijas
Photos by Lexi Croft and Colby Sansbury 

Industrial Apocalyptica


Styled by Lauren Cole

Models: Katie Walter and Katt Wyandt

Photographers: Aaron Falls and Alyssa Bladzik

The Male Gaze: The End of This Phase


Styled By Benji Early

Models: Maddie Zediker, Billie Scott, Will Meares, Timothy (Wil) Evans Jr, and Luke Robertson

Photographers: Henry Travis and Raynee Quillen

Chaotic Dreamcore


Managing Stylist: Toni DeLoach

Creative Stylist: Lauren Cole

Makeup Artist: Jase Leonard

Models: Jordan Gourville and TJ Warren

Indie Sleaze


Styled by Caroline Callicutt

Models: Talaisha Covington and Pari Patel

Divine Femininity


Styled by Jase Leonard and Lauren Cole

History of Gloves


Styled by Mia McManus

Native Americans are not Invisible


Blurb and Styling by Chelsea Watson

Throughout the shoot, we wanted to highlight Native American traditional wear to honor Native roots while visually representing their culture in modern, professional attire. The idea was to illustrate the transition of Native culture meeting society. The purpose of this shoot was to show that Native Americans can still honor their heritage while working in a commercial society, as well as provide a visual representation of Native Americans in education and the workforce to show the younger indigenous generations that they can do it too.

Outfit details:

Models Name: Michelle Mitchum

Look one: Regalia: Traditional Native American Ceremonial wear

Regalia: Handmade by Michelle Mitchum

Shawl: Handmade by Michelle Mitchum

Shoes: Moccasins- Handmade by Michelle Mitchum

Accessories: Beaded Rose Necklace- Handmade by Michelle Mitchum, the fan was a gift but Michelle beaded the handle

Look two: Native Pride

Bottoms: Ribbon Skirt- Handmade by Michelle Mitchum

Top: Cream Sleeveless Top, Qearal (Model owned, price unknown)

Shoes: Brown Knee Boots- JCPenny (Model owned, price unknown)

Look three: Academia Wear

Bottoms: 9 to 5 mini skirt, Corbeau $40

Top: 9 to 5 blazer, Corbeau $48, Black Button up,

Accessories: Beaded Rose Necklace- Handmade by Michelle Mitchum

Shoes: Brown Knee Boots- JCPenny (Model owned, price unknown)

Look four: Native Causal Dresswear

Dress: Tribal Print Dress- Le Fash (Model owned, price unknown)

Shoes: Brown Knee Boots- JCPenny (Model owned, price unknown)

Redefining Youth


Positive about Our Bodies


Style and Blurb by Benji Early

Diwali Lights


Styling by Isha Singh

Model: Martina Kaura

Look one: I wanted to showcase a bright eye-catching piece for Diwali with this lengha. The gold silk skirt and light pink top pair well with one another and have a softer more feminine appeal.

Bottom: Patterned golden silk lengha Skirt

Top: Underneath golden cropped blouse

Top 2: Embellished baby pink cape with silver neckline detailing

Accessories: Golden head piece (Called Tika), Baby pink earrings (Jhumka) and Golden Bangles

Model: Simran Paintlia

Look two: To contrast the light pink look on model one, I chose a black and gold lengha look that has more of a sharper and mature look. Both looks incorporate gold and go well when paired with one another.

Bottom: Golden leaf embellished black lengha skirt

Top: Gold patterned top with golden neckline detailing

Accessories: Golden headpiece (Tika) gold earrings (Jhumka) , and gold bangles

Both looks were custom made pieces from “Kamal’s Boutique” located in Chandigarh, India

Jewelry is from there as well

All Maxed Out


Photographed By: Zane Heinlein

Styled By: Caroline Callicutt