Clairo Live


Kero Kero Bonito


Skatepark Grunge


Skate of the Art


Weezer and The Pixies


Photos by Cole Rojahn

It's All Fair And Games


 Styled, written and directed by Vittoria Gallelo; photos by Coleman Rojahn.

When I think of the fair, I see flashbacks of my childhood. Running around in the neon lights, playing carnival games in hope of winning a stuffed animal, and eating as much ice cream as I possibly can. This nostalgic feeling of the fair is what I hoped to capture in this particular shoot. I wanted to keep it fun, airy, and light to capture all of the fun the fair has to offer. One major trend that I was inspired by in this shoot was neon colors. Throughout the three looks I incorporated neon whether it was stripes on a blouse or patches on shorts. Denim was also a main component of my shoot which helped to capture the classic feeling of the fair. To establish the youthful nature of the shoot I incorporated overalls and fun patch shorts. I was able to style both of these looks with shirts with different textures, colors, and structures that pulled the looks together.

Concrete Jungle