Celestial Bodies


It’s the determination in her eyes.

The sway in her step 

Celestial even,

Heaven sent 

The power of her words 

But the grace of her voice. 

It’s the gentleness of her touch 

The strength in her arms 

Celestial even, 

heaven sent



The outdoors and natural environment provide so much inspiration for the fashion industry, from patterns, colors, textures and other elements. For this shoot, the focus was on earth tones and wooded areas, drawing inspiration from workwear and hunting attire like camo and the pop of orange.

Put Some Prep in Your Step


For years, the preppy style has been associated with high accolades or a certain level of success. Whether you go to an Ivy League school or community college, work a 9-to-5 office job or freelance, clothing is an expression of what you want to express to the world that shouldn't be limited to any established background of people. Preppy attire can be dressed up, dressed down and tweaked for your own personality to shine.

Comfort Over Stress


Staying in doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. Sweats are the newest way to be comfortable and stylish. Pick a night to hang at home with friends, relaxing or watch a movie, all while staying COVID safe.

Lookin' Like Logomania


Logomania, a popular fashion trend this year, is a display of our society’s obsession with wealth and status. Wearing brand names and designer logos head to toe is considered a fashion statement in itself and logo print is even infiltrating aspects of beauty like makeup, nails and jewelry. In the context of luxury fashion, it makes a statement on our society’s values and portrays ideas of elitism. The trend also comments on knockoff culture, as knock off luxury goods are now more popular than ever because of the new prevalence of logo print.



For this shoot I decided to style myself in clothing items with minimal color. There are many people who have styles where black is the predominant color and other vibrant colors are either absent or subtle, excluding white and grey. Also, I wanted some of the images to be in black and white, just to further emphasize the minimal color style.

By Malachi Harris

T-shirt & jeans: Reap Array (@reap.array)

Jacket: thrifted 

Shoes: Nike AF1

Black is Art


Black bodies are some of the most classic forms of art. The blood of ancient empires runs through our veins. While some have made feeble attempts to capture the essence of beauty that expresses itself through our melanated skin, black bodies have rarely been portrayed in this true nature. 

This essence is so pure and so primal. Arising from the motherland of Africa, the birthplace of all mankind. Let Black be synonymous with nobility, power, and class. Let Black always be in the same breath as beauty. Let us forever relish in this unique beautification.

By Taylor Jennings-Brown



Many things inspired the concept for this shoot. A feeling of escapism, of colors being able to transform a space, a mood and a vibe. Playing with silhouette, lines and texture was important for this shoot, especially since we were shooting with monochromatic white and black pieces. The light projections give the clothing a new life of their own, inspiring us to invoke the same feeling into our own wardrobes.

Styled by Parker Blackburn

Models: Akuya Stoddard and Joseph Harris

Where We Rest


Photography by Ryan Finley

Beds are more than pieces of furniture. They're what we crawl into after a late night out with friends, and what we crawl out of on an early morning to get ready for school. They're where we wrap warm blankets around us while we reflect on what happened the day before, sit on our phone and laugh at funny videos. They're where we cry ourselves to sleep and where we dare to dream. Each bed is decorated with different pillows, different sheets, different memories; but each bed reminds us of the same thing: lie down. Breathe. Take a moment to rest today.”

On the Court


Whether you are scrolling on Instagram or Tik-Tok, this on and off the court style has been making waves in the fashion industry. From tennis skirts to collared shirts, this vintage sporty style can be easily achieved in anyone’s wardrobe. The purpose of this shoot is to show how this look can be effortless and chic at the same time. I wanted to incorporate the vintage fashion trends that will be seen everywhere for fall 2020. With trends including loud prints, matching sets, and tennis skirts this fall is all about taking a note from the past and incorporating it our modern day lives.

Styled by Vittoria Gallello

Photgraphy by Abby Detorie

Modeled by Sydney Zarsdias

Hair Story Gallery


Photos by  Zhané Bradley  



Styled by Parker Blackburn. Photos by Zhané Bradley and Mark Maddaloni.

From the stylist: "As we enter a new era, emotions rise in all of us. A desire for change, for something new. But maybe we don't need something new at all; maybe we should look to the past to spur inspiration for the present. From the roaring 20s to the 2020s, these looks will help you pull inspiration for fresh looks from every decade."

Flash Back In Time


Styled by Parker Paige Blackburn. Photos by Ryan Finley.

From the stylist: "I wanted to show the relevance of older media such as disposable cameras, CDs and records. These products have transcended time and continue to be relevant today. In a world where all is digital, these products show that there is still a want for physical tangible media."

Grocery Store Fashion


Styled by Parker Paige Blackburn. Photos by Meagen Sigmon.

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