Bitstrips: The Facebook Treat

All of your Facebook friends have cartoons on their pages, but the characters look remarkably like them. If you take a closer look, you’ll realize they are not cartoons at all.

Facebook recently added another app called Bitstrips. But, this one is different. It lets you create your own avatar, put yourself in any number of given situations and post them as a status message for all your friends to see.

This is a first of it’s kind for Facebook. So many of the website’s apps allow you to play games. Some allow you to look at jobs much like CareerBuilder. There’s even an app that allows you to see who deleted you from their own Facebook.

However, Bitstrips is one of the first apps that allows you to be creative. You can choose the shape of your head and eyes. You can choose your hair and eye color. You can even choose whether you want to look casual, business-like or sporty. After you choose your avatar, there’s a whole host of status messages you can choose from.

When I chose my avatar, a comfortable look was best. It fits my style the best. So, the blue sweatshirt and jeans was the best choice. After all, everyone knows that’s the common look at a college.

The next task was to pick a status message. While, Bitstrips does not currently allow a person to type in their own status message, there are several to choose from. You can choose one based on moods which range from good to bad to weird. You can choose situational statuses regarding work, school or play. You can also make announcements like telling everyone that you, “Aced your final exam!”

When the Bitstrip statuses first appeared on my news feed, it was somewhat confusing. After all, it seemed like several Facebook friends became comic strip writers.

However, Bitstrip is another app that recently changed the game on Facebook. Rather than talking about their day at work or school, several people are posting Bitstrip statuses instead. While most of them are only one sentence, the attached picture includes your avatar positioned in such a way that shows the status visually.

It’s possible that Facebook just stumbled upon another milestone. Maybe this visual way of communicating on the website will, eventually, become the norm.

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