The Language of Flowers

by Kirsten Clark / Garnet & Black

The floral language of the Victorian era was a nuanced communication system. Blue hyacinths represented sincerity, daisies proclaimed innocent love, and pink camellias expressed love and appreciation. In our collaboration with Fab'rik, a beloved local Columbia boutique, and Something Special Florist, nestled in downtown Columbia, we bring this historical flowery language to life. Our models showcase floral apparel and accessories, helping us illustrate the profound significance of flowers as a means of communication in Victorian society. The models are styled in two different looks, one where they showcase a mosaic of pinks, lavenders and purples to symbolize femininity and beauty and another where they display more blues and whites to represent innocence and hope. This shoot attempts to capture the essence of an era where flowers spoke volumes in the silent language of emotions.

We thank Something Special Florist for allowing us to use their shop as a venue.

Model names: Raven-Symone Levy, Ivannia Cardenas

Clothing: All dresses sourced from Fab’rik

Alicia Floral Appliqué dress = $72
Evelyn Smocked Detail Halter midi dress = $98
Pink maxi dress = $30
Purple mini dress = $25
Hair bows = $14

Flowers: All sourced from Something Special Florist

White Magnolias (purity, perfection, stability) = $23.95
Pink Camellias (adoration, appreciation) = $23.95
Delphiniums (Blue - dignity and grace, Purple - lightness and levity) = $29.95
Phalaris - $12.75