Raging Feminine

by Alyssa Bladzik / Garnet & Black

Raging Feminine is a shoot that attempts to transcend conventional beauty standards by delving into the complexities of feminine rage, seeking to express it in a nuanced manner. By deliberately juxtaposing traditional feminine-stereotyped symbols with elements of ruin and disarray, the broken mirrors, scattered pearls and withered flowers serve as a visual metaphor for the internal turmoil and societal pressures that women often face. Instead of presenting an expected flawless facade, the models embody a raw and unfiltered expression of femininity, one that is marked by resilience and defiance.

The deliberate juxtaposition challenges the notion that femininity is synonymous with fragility and perfection. It aims to celebrate the strength and inherent power of feminine rage, acknowledging this rage as a legitimate response to the injustices and inequalities that women have endured throughout history.

Model Names: Tia Simon and Alexandra Flannagan

Dresses: Clothes Mentor – $10 each