Home in Music

Songs that feel a little closer to home.

by Alexandra Adler / Garnet & Black

We all get homesick, even if home is more of a feeling than a place. As young adults, this period of life is defined by change and discovering ourselves. A major part of figuring out who you are is remembering who you were and where you came from. The songs listed below encapsulate the feeling of leaving home and the lasting emotions that come from that. Some of these songs are slow and complex, while others have an upbeat freedom. Focused on softer acoustics and spirited lyrics, these songs mimic the cozy feelings of home but also those of leaving that for the first time. So, take a listen and remember your favorite memories of home!


"On, Wisconsin" - Bob Dylan and Trapper Schoepp

"You’re Gonna Go Far" - Noah Kahan

"Wide Open Spaces" - Soccer Mommy 

"She’s Leaving Home" - The Beatles 

"Tonight, Tonight" - The Smashing Pumpkins

"Silver Joy" - Damien Jurado

"Mythological Beast" - Big Thief

"Honeysuckle" - Hippo Campus

"Montezuma" - Fleet Foxes

"Lakehouse" - Keep for Cheap 

"The Last of the Honey Bees" - Sam Burchfield 

"Rivers and Roads" - The Head and The Heart

"Growing/Dying" - The Backseat Lovers 

"America" - Simon & Garfunkel 

"Thirteen" - Big Star

"to Perth, before the border closes" - Julia Jacklin 

"Indiana" - Adrianne Lenker and Buck Meek

"Crop Circles" - Odie Leigh 

"Doves" - The Deltamen

"Warm Glow" - Hippo Campus

Hopefully, with these folksy tracks, you'll be a bit more at peace. If you still miss home, the only thing to do is take another listen.