Omnichannel of Art

Style shoot "Omnichannel of Art" for Garnet & Black Magazine, Fall 2023
by Laura Lucivero / Garnet & Black

People connect with others in many ways, but one important way humans have always found that connection is through art. No matter how advanced technology becomes, art remains and will always remain, a unifying force in our world.

From the beginning, humans have used art to communicate, express their emotions and tell stories. Art has been instrumental in understanding the history of humanity. It is not only used as a tool to peer into the past but likewise a preview into the future. Art, in every form, is here to stay.

Technology has made creating art easier than ever, but it has also started to make art without an artist.

Viewing the work of an artist who has poured their heart, soul and time into a  piece amplifies the whole essence of what art is. 

Art is woven into every person in distinctive ways.

Art is essential in connecting society together in a time when isolation is easy.

Art is painting, sculpting, fashion, drawing, makeup — it is expression. Art is timeless.

The online world makes seeing art seem like less of a privilege than it is. So, put on your favorite playlist and go to an art museum. Scroll through an online database of art collections. Doodle out your stress on a hard day.

It is easy to brush off the things that make humanity human, and art is one of the simplest ways to connect with that.