the collapse

an original poem


she burned so bright the world collapsed,

       or rather, the girl did

shedding the skin of shame

paring away the fuck-ups and fumbles,

the tickle of an apology as it climbs up her throat,

the subtle press of the punisher’s reminder that

who she ought to be does not stumble into 

her becoming but marches into arms that 

will hold her when she falls

       it is inevitable, they warn

their ghosts lace themselves through 

her trembling fingers that strip

her body of the linens marked 

by centuries of lives that aren’t hers

she peels them off like old wallpaper

until her body is bare and cracked 

and all her own

she plants her feet into the earth

baring her Self to the full moon’s embrace

its hands stretch               out 

to wrap the girl in light 

she closes her eyes, watching waves of rose

dance across the emptiness 

she floats on nothing 

but the steady whisper of moonlight

       it is inevitable, she warns

as the world collapses around her,

and her feet learn to wander the wild

hills once again