Fearless Fashion

by Colby Sansbury / Garnet & Black

Styled by Angel Sortijas
Model: Aliyah Grady

Fashion is art and art is fun, creative, imaginative and beautiful. Life can only be those things if you chose it to be. It is easy to get lost in the beauty of fashion in terms of how far you can take it, how simple or extraordinary you can make it with no problem at all. Every piece is a little bit more exciting to put together, it can get frustrating but nowhere near as life can get. It is easier to start over when you mess something up, you can dream big and plan ahead of time because you know that if you stuck to the blueprint, then it will turn out exactly how you envisioned it to be. There might be some slight changes, but you know exactly that it’s for the best. You believe it to be true because you have concrete proof, you can witness it getting better right before your eyes. You are in complete awe of how coherently it’s all coming together. It’s so much easier and so much more fun to dream of something when you know that it will only get better. You get to have exactly what you want in every detail no matter how big or small the art may be.

Fashion is the epitome of a dream coming to life. 

​Life doesn’t get to have a blueprint, everything changes every second of every day. You have no control over much of anything, and if you do you’re deemed as toxic, high maintenance or a control freak. We can dream as big as we desire, but it only comes true if it all goes to plan. However, nothing ever goes to plan. So now what? 

We get to fear the future. We become stressed over the little things to the point where we fail to acknowledge the bigger picture. Probably because we don’t have a picture to look at, we don’t have a reference. It’s hard to build a puzzle when you’ve never seen the picture on the front of the box. Therefore, every step of the way, we doubt everything we do. We have to be careful of every word and action that we say or do because those are the things that we can’t ever get back. We can apologize, but it will never be forgotten. There is no undo button, no scissors to cut the stitches away and no going back to the drawing board. 

You make your bed, you lie in it. 

I guess that’s why we tend to express ourselves through fashion, in that way we get to do what we want in however way we want. It’s the sense of satisfaction knowing that whatever it is that you so aspire to have will be in your hands soon enough. In fashion, mistakes are okay. In life, we get to feel disappointed in ourselves.

​How can life and fashion coexist in a world where everyone gets to have both but only be fearless about one? Fashion may not be as uncertain as our future, but we certainly need to celebrate it as much as we do when it comes to art. Life can be as colorful and as creative as we want it to be, we just don’t try hard enough because we can’t see the end result. The only result that we do know of is something that none of us wants to “achieve” until we have reached 90. Thus, why we must enjoy every second that we get to live as much as you would enjoy preparing your "going-out" birthday outfit.