Here Are The 10 Biggest Trends For Spring 2023

From metallics to sheer dresses to rosette detailing, these are the ten hottest trends you need to watch out for this spring.

by Lily Ferguson / Garnet & Black

It is no surprise that technology and social media have dramatically changed almost every aspect of our lives, including the infamous trend cycle. In the past, a trend could take decades to infiltrate different cities. However, social media has given us the ability to visually communicate with people all over the world in a matter of seconds. 

One of the first brands to help bridge this divide was Burberry. In 2010, this London-based luxury fashion house live-streamed its runway show, allowing a global audience to take part in the fashion show experience and breaking the barrier of exclusivity. Who needs to be front row when you can watch Burberry reveal its latest collection from your couch? 

A trend that may have taken months to get to the Americas from one of the major European fashion cities can now be analyzed and accepted fresh off the runway. However, if seeing a new collection and interpreting its trends is not your strong suit, no need to fear. That has become the role of fashion bloggers and influencers, individuals who have a following on social media and use this platform to recommend products, promote different lifestyles and influence trends (hence the name, influencer). For the most part, bloggers and influencers are ordinary individuals who grew themselves into a brand. Their relatability, authenticity and personability is what makes them gain the trust of the public. Shopping can be difficult, but influencers help digest the trends and show consumers exactly what to buy, where to shop and how to style it. With the ability for something to go viral so quickly, the time it takes for a trend to go from conception to rejection has astronomically sped up.

So, with that being said, hop on these ten trends fast because we can confidently say they will be everywhere in 2023. 

  1. Rosette Detailing - Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. If you understand that reference, then you are a true fashion guru (and if you don’t, then you should watch "The Devil Wears Prada"). While Miranda Priestly may not think florals are the most innovative trend for spring, the rosette will be the accessory of the season. Seen on the runway at shows like Prada and Mirror Palais and worn by influencers like Acquired Style and Nina Sandbech, these fabric flowers can be worn as a choker, a detail on a top or even in your hair. This adds the perfect extra spice to any outfit, making it high fashion and superb for spring. 
  2. Playful Professional - We predicted professional core for fall 2022, and now we are adding a bit of spice to this trend for spring 2023. Famously called the “Kendall Jenner no-pants trend” on TikTok, this trend involves wearing opaque tights, a bodysuit, and an oversized blazer. If this pants-less trend is not for you, try elevating your professional wear in other ways, such as wearing a slip dress or a lace bodysuit with denim under an oversized blazer. Business clothes can be used for so much more than your Monday morning meetings.  
  3. Balletcore - Ballet flats, tights, tulle skirts, pastel pinks and boleros are all trends from the recent popular aesthetic, balletcore. Think brunch at 10 a.m., dance rehearsal at 11 a.m. This is an intersection of comfort and elegance while encompassing femininity and softness. Fashion icons like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are all over this trend as they are frequently seen in leg warmers, ballet flats and soft cardigans. Even Garnet & Black has hopped on board! We can do more than just tell you about it; we can show you it, so check out our balletcore-styled shoot here
  4. Sheer Dresses - Yes, you heard that right: 2023 is the year of sheer dresses. Whether you tend to show a bit more skin or dress more modestly, this trend can be styled in a variety of ways. Pair a loose column-cut, sheer maxi dress with a bra and high-waisted brief set or with a matching mini slip. This trend is all over the runways and will be an effortless go-to for the warmer months ahead. 
  5. Leg Warmers - While this may seem like a trend for the winter, celebrities and influencers such as Bella Hadid, Jennifer Garner and Gisele Bundchen are wearing leg warmers all year long. Paired with sporty dresses, biker shorts and a chunky knit, or a post-pilates workout set, leg warmers are the perfect accessory for the winter-to-spring transition. 
  6. Drop Waist Dresses - Piggybacking off the return of low-rise, it is no surprise that waistlines are lowering for dresses, too. While we have seen this trend before, this time the silhouettes have more variety and comfort. From mini to maxi, long-sleeve to sleeveless and flowy to fitted, this is guaranteed to be a style that anyone can feel confident rocking. 
  7. Metallics - The ‘80s are back for 2023, and one way we are seeing it is through metallics. From shoes to bags to dresses to jeans, silver metallics were all over the runways at September Fashion Week. So, make any outfit a party with this fun, eye-catching color. 
  8. Big Bags - After a few years of mini and micro bags, it is time for the return of the tote! The desire for bigger bags started with the rise in popularity of Maison Goyard’s tote bags on TikTok. From there, bigger bags became a craze that will continue into the spring and beyond. 
  9. Draping - Travel through time to Ancient Greece with this draping trend that draws inspiration from Aphrodite and the Grecian goddesses. A draped dress simulates a piece of silk being effortlessly laid on top of your body, cinching to the side to create elegant folds. It is flattering, chic and so beautiful which is why it will be big in 2023. 
  10. Tassels and Fringe - Texture is big this season, and we are seeing a shift from feathered trims to tasseled and fringed trims. This trend was all over the runways in September, and we know this will be big at all your favorite retailers this spring. Designed in all materials for all occasions, wear a leather fringe top to Five Points or a crochet fringed dress on spring break, and you are guaranteed to be the trendiest one there thanks to G&B!