In Retrospect

To prepare for the future, we must understand our past

by Alyssa Bladzik / Garnet & Black

It's almost impossible to keep up with the ever-changing trends that occur (or reoccur) in pop culture and fashion. Technology continues to advance as fashion trends are commonly repeated, referenced and renovated into new designs for higher efficiency and style. In this style shoot, details from the Victorian and Renaissance eras were juxtaposed with early 2000s technology to show that styles and trends are always referenced, even in modern-day looks. As new styles continue to emerge, we may look back and realize there is more to learn from our past than we thought. In retrospect, we can note our flaws and apply the wisdom we gain to new ideas. 

Models: Luagntxhi Yang, Jalon Conway, Alexandra Flanagan, Brooke Darby

All clothes are sourced from Goodwill.