the duality of a doorframe

an original poem

by Shash Comandur / Garnet & Black

a doorframe is equal parts

tragedy and miracle

something lost and

     something found

the unsteady feet of the girl 

who stands at the precipice

of putting paces between

who she was

and who she will become

the grass of dawn will soon

tickle her ankles

her toes will press bare into the mud

as she accepts the dirt

lining her skin 

knowing it is important to stray far sometimes

knowing that too much thinking

can block her thoughts 

at their most raw and ripe with ideas 

she will learn that

tears cannot fall in every warped

game of immersion

sinking into her pool of sorrow

she expects it will soak her through

and cleanse all of the grime stuck to her skin

    but that is not how this works

she must understand 

that there are days in which storms

will flood the driest lands 

on days unprepared for a disaster

that she will have to pick up the pieces to a puzzle 

she did not know


there will not be a path to everything

healing is turning away from the pavement

and sinking into the soil of the earth

it is lying beneath the stars

body in the sand, palms to the sky

it is the wind of a rainstorm

as your legs extend

    one after the other

bare feet colliding with wet cement

    arms stretched wide

a butterfly taking flight

and so the girl stands,

her left hand on the doorframe

and the right already reaching beyond

the view is entirely unknown

     an unpaved world

coiled roots unfolding

like questions collecting in a garden

she does not know her way around

    poisonous or prosperous?

the guidebook must be rewritten

she does not know how this world will feel

    how this view will settle 

in her mind 

in weeks, months, 

    years from now

when she stumbles back to this moment

in reflection of all that has happened beyond

the doors of the house she once thought

was the entire world 

all the girl can do is breathe

as her toes hover above the grass

uncertainty fueling every 

    backwards glance

but it is the fear of never knowing

that finally makes her lift her palm

from the metal frame

sink both feet into the earth

and close the door behind her

the key still twisted in the lock