Letter from the Editor: Facing the Chaotic, Ever-changing World


Change and chaos are two of the only constants in life. Since these are inevitable, we must find a way to live through it and find our own source of self-satisfaction. When I first started working for Garnet & Black, I never really wanted to be Editor-in-Chief. I had always told myself that I wouldn’t get too invested and that I wouldn’t work my way up to be the editor. But things changed. Things always change. I became invested. I found something that fulfills me like no other job I’ve had before. 

In the Fall 2022 issue of Garnet & Black, we covered stories that show how those around us respond when the entire chaotic world is changing and it feels like everything has gone topsy-turvy. I mean, think about it, we’ve seen more turmoil, tension and conflict in the past several years than in the last couple of decades. That has to have an effect on people, students in particular. The rates of anxiety and depression have increased substantially among college students these past few years. The toll it takes on us is our of our control, but what we can control is how we respond to it.

The Fall 2022 issue has stories about those of us who use art as a means of self-expression while they face the chaotic world around them. Those of us who persevered when they were uprooted from their homes. And those of us who go on a journey of self-discovery to reconcile their identities. Each person has a different way of facing the chaotic, ever-changing world around them. It’s not important what you do, it’s important that you do it. 

Everyone needs some sort of outlet, something that keeps them grounded when everything is crumbling around them, be it painting, writing or just maintaining close relationships. As for me, I navigated the chaos around me by falling in love with telling stories and finding a like-minded community that has the same passion and drive for storytelling. (I’ll let you guess which community that is.) 

As always, thanks for reading Garnet & Black Magazine.

Aaron Falls