Indie Sleaze Revival

by Laura Lucivero / Garnet & Black

Styled by Caroline Callicutt

Models: Talaisha Covington and Pari Patel

If you were a pre-teen or teen during the early to mid 2010s, you experienced a blur of Tumblr blogs, grid print American Apparel clothing, making pop-punk playlists, all with The 1975 tracks playing in the background. For many of us, we enjoyed this aesthetic from the comfort of our rooms: old enough to thirst over Matty Healey and run our very own Twitter fan accounts, but too young to participate in the grimy, edgy, clubbing culture at the time. If this sounds like you, I have good news for you: welcome to the Indie Sleaze Revival.

Talaisha Covington wears a simple black crop top and mini skirt with an oversized leather blazer, fuzzy cheetah print bucket hat and black knee high boots.

Pari Patel wears a Brandy Melville England flag tank top with a black mini skirt, black boots and black knit leg warmers.