Here Are The 10 Biggest Trends For Fall 2022

From sporty shades to western boots to business core, these are the 10 hottest trends you need to watch out for this fall.

by Lily Ferguson / Garnet & Black

The trend cycle is one of the most predictable yet mysterious phenomena in the world. Each September, stylists, editors, influencers, retailers, models and more gather in all the major fashion cities to watch top-tier designers showcase their newest collections. From the runway, these trends trickle down through the pyramid of fashion individuals until they circle back approximately 20 years later. Every fashion trend has been strategically forecasted one to five years prior. Thus, based on research, we can confidently say these 10 trends are going to be everywhere this fall. 

  1. Maxi Hemlines - What goes up must come down, so it is no surprise that hemlines are starting to hit the floor again after the re-emergence of the mini skirt. A perfect example of this trend is the almost always sold-out Soft Lounge Long Slip Dress from Skims, the lounge and intimate clothing brand by Kim Kardashian. Another influencer loving this trend is Emma Chamberlain who has mentioned that her summer uniform consists of a long skirt and a tank top. To take this summer ensemble from one season to the next, switch out the tank top for a simple long-sleeve or chunky knit.
  2. L.L. Bean Boat and Tote - This trend is too good to not be included. You may have seen this ironic trend floating around your Tik Tok “for you page.” It gives unhinged party girl meets sophisticated summer in the Hamptons. Coined by Grace Wiener of @ironicboatandtote on Instagram, influencers are getting the classic Boat and Tote from L.L. Bean personalized with sayings such as “emotional baggage,” “psycho,” or “Birkin,” a play on the elusive, iconic, and not to mention, extremely expensive bag from Hermes.
  3. Professional Core - Two years in a pandemic means two years without the need for a business professional wardrobe, but do not worry because the fashion industry is about to make up for lost time. Celebrities and influencers alike have been seen unironically sporting professional wear as street style. Throw on a pair of trousers and a blazer (bonus points if it is oversized), and people will be mistaking you for Hailey Bieber.
  4. Sporty Shades - Whether you shop at Goodwill or Gucci, this trend is soon to be in every store. With minimalism being an aesthetic at the forefront of the fashion industry, it is time for bold accessories to shine. Imagine sporty chic meets futuristic fashion icon.
  5. Basic White Tank Top - Yes, something that is most likely already in your wardrobe can be a fashion trend. White tank tops are most definitely in. Pair it with some low-rise jeans or oversized cargo pants, and you will look like you came straight off the runway. This trend is giving off the '90s minimalist aesthetic, and we are here for it.
  6. Cargo Bottoms - Seen on celebrities like Bella Hadid and Dua Lipa, cargo pants and skirts have been on the slow rise for a few seasons now, and we expect them to blow up this fall. From Five Points to the frat lots to front row in your Econ class, this effortlessly cool utilitarian trend will be everywhere come November.
  7. Western Boots - Cowboy boots are leaving the ranch this season and coming to cities near you. Throw them on with a dress, an oversized sweater or a cute pair of jean shorts to add a fun touch to every outfit. These western boots are the shoes of the season.
  8. All Things Leather - Leather may have been a hot trend last fall, but we are confident it will be back at the top of all trend lists this season too. Whether it be a leather corset, blazer or a sick pair of pants, these statement pieces are bold, edgy and sophisticated for day or night.
  9. Neon Palettes - While fall fashion typically draws color inspiration from the burnt oranges and dark greens of the changing leaves, we are bringing the color back to the streets this season. The Pantone color palette from New York Fashion Week, which took place in Sept. 2022, included fierce and fiery neons such as empire yellow, tangelo and classic green, to name a few. Shop this trend now because we guarantee it will stay for the warmer months too.
  10. Stockholm-Inspired - We can thank the infamous fashion and hair influencer, Matilda Djerf, for this trend this season. Stockholm style consists of monochromatic looks with a fashionable European flare to create something so effortlessly chic. Think oversized cashmere sweaters, basic cotton shirts and low-rise trousers. Shop these simple staples that can stay in your closet forever and transport you to the streets of Stockholm when you pair them together.