Chaotic Dreamcore

by Lexi Croft / Garnet & Black

Managing Stylist: Toni DeLoach

Creative Stylist: Lauren Cole

Makeup Artist: Jase Leonard

Models: Jordan Gourville and TJ Warren

What do your dreams look like? To the average person, dreams are an unknown realm of possibility that can induce both excitement and fear. 

Dreamcore is a surrealist aesthetic that uses motifs commonly associated with dreams, daydreams or nightmares, portrayed through media such as images, videos and, on occasion, music. When attempting to embody dreamcore through fashion, try to “sleepwalk” on the line between abstract and simplicity. Utilize bright colors and bold patterns to showcase how dreams can appear in various aesthetics and feelings. 

Jordan Look One:

Green Dress $15 Sid & Nancy

Green & Purple Bracelets $10 Sid & Nancy

Purple Necklace $4 Sid & Nancy

White Necklace $9 Sid & Nancy

Periwinkle Sunglasses $18 Sid & Nancy

Neon Green & Black Sunglasses $18 Sid & Nancy

Lavender Purse: Stylist Personal Collection

Jordan Look Two:

Pink Scalloped Tank $35 Revente

Zebra Print Jeans $68 Corbeau 

TJ Look One:

Orange Coat $135 Revente

zebra sunglasses $18 Sid & Nancy

Orange Purse $12 Sid & Nancy