Summer of Innocence

A summer getaway inspired style shoot

by Mae Houston / Garnet & Black

Blurb by Angel Sortijas

Style, Makeup, and Creative Direction by Parker Blackburn

Photography by Anna Mae Houston

Summer is a realm of beauty. It breeds memories of mistakes and fun, as the summer breeze comes with blisses of ignorance. The innocence of wanting to escape into a world of nothingness yet fullness. The need to hide away from the reality of life creeping up then suddenly we’re all children again. Summer is the moment when we all realize that reality is nothing but a programmed idea, a substance that steals the light of what life really could be. There is something so enchanting about taking the time to look at the world that surrounds us, to just breathe in and watch it pass by. I guess that’s because you just get to exist for a moment in time. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone or anything. You don’t have to live up to expectations and label yourself. You just get to be here because you matter and you deserve to be here. It is a season where time does not exist; the days bleed into the night and everything is beyond your imagination. Summer is the time when we get to express our inner child and look at the world with innocence.