Positive about Our Bodies

by Jackson Tucker / Garnet & Black

Style and Blurb by Benjamin Early 

Models:Grace Barlow, Izzy Gentry, Rebecca Watson and Amber Glover

With social media, subjective societal standards and impractical expectations, people of all bodies struggle to feel competent.
Though this is common knowledge and commonly advocated, society’s attempt to change these global insecurities would be counterproductive without the unity of all body types.
Shame disguised as ‘advice’ has been used against people of all bodies for centuries and has yet to change amidst the body positivity movement. Encouraging people to “eat a burger,” even if with good intentions, implies that something is wrong with their body. Questioning why someone is wearing a top, implies that the top wasn’t made for them. Instead of invoking negativity, encourage people to love themselves. Make them feel good about the clothes they wear and the body they treasure.
All efforts towards making everybody feel confident in their body would be pointless without society’s progressive love for one another and ourselves.
Naïve to the fact that other people of all body types have struggles and insecurities, many people feel alone in their battle against body image. Despite body type and size, all the participating models expressed insecurities.
As the great Miley Cyrus once said, “Nobody’s Perfect.” Varying body types will always share in being imperfect, which, in of itself is perfect.