Overheard at UofSC

We're always listening.

by Savannah Nagy / Garnet & Black

Overheard is the continuation of a Garnet & Black tradition of eavesdropping on student conversations on-campus. Here are some interesting remarks we heard this semester.   

"Why is there a vagina on your laptop?" "Dude, that's a lung diagram"

"One thing I've noticed is that the ugly guys treat you like shit too, so might as well go for the cute ones."

"I love Britney. She practically invented low-rise jeans."

"If I were straight, we would be together, right?"

"My hair is thicker than my ass."

"Don't let me befriend a father figure."

"Gossip is the Devil's telephone. It's best to just hang up." 

"I'm sweating like an only fans girl in the Vatican." 

"Why is it so hard for you to forget? Polyamorous is not cheating." 

"I hate to toot my own horn... but beep the fuck beep."

"He doesn't want us to go, but he doesn't know how to say no to us." 

"Two hits: me hitting your door and you hitting the dance floor." 

"I'm a keep your heart closed and your legs open kinda girl."

"When you know you're gonna drink that much, wear a dress so no one knows when you pee."