The Effects of Film in Fashion

Get in, loser. We're going shopping.

by Zane Heinlein / Garnet & Black

Y2K fashion feels like a blast from the past, back when everything was fetch. Or maybe not, considering Regina George did say fetch will NEVER happen. 

Whether you love it or hate it, the 2000s are back and they’re here to stay. In the fashion world, we know that after every 20 years, trends will recycle. Those jelly shoes and tennis skirts you thought were cheugy back in 2012 are now all the rave in 2022. The clothing we saw as kids on TV is influencing our fashion today. 

This is probably best for our generation because why wouldn’t I want to file my taxes wearing my juicy tracksuit like the Cheetah Girls? After growing up, I realize now that a piece of me will always belong to Y2K fashion. It’s not just the clothes themselves, but the history behind them. Shows and movies like The Nanny, Clueless, Mean Girls and every single Hilary Duff movie ever have shaped me in more ways than just my diva teenage girl personality. 

It has allowed me to express myself creatively. Years later, I still dress up to remember iconic characters from my childhood. I look at the present and see the past, a younger me with cheap blue eye shadow wearing a skirt over my jeans (Ew... or not?)