To The Max

How to break out of the mold, and embrace the bold.


Model’s Name: Faith James

Faith is wearing a colorful, swirl pattern romper, with checkerboard sheer tights, a lavender headband, a matching lavender mini purse and sneakers. 

The romper is from Pretty Little Thing, the tights are Free People, the headband is from Amazon, the purse is from ASOS, and the sneakers are Converse. 

“Maximalism speaks to so many people because it embraces weirdness, encourages individuality and rewards creativity.”

Written by: Caroline Callicutt

If I had to describe what Maximalism means in three words, I’d say give me more words than that! Maximalism is a celebration of excess: more, more, and more! It’s a recent movement that has exploded in opposition to the long-lasting Minimalism movement, of which you might be more familiar. Minimalism is all about clean lines, neutral tones, and simplicity. If Minimalism is a white marble countertop, I am the big, bright red wine stain on it. I’ve never been able to squeeze myself into that neat little box, without leaving feather boas and mismatched socks sticking out of it. Maximalism is much more my speed. More crazy colors, patterns, textures, and obviously loads of accessories. Style icons like Iris Apfel helped push the Maximalism movement into mainstream fashion, while Ami and Aaya ushered Maximalism into the Japanese street style scene, where it remains popular today. Maximalism speaks to so many people because it embraces weirdness, encourages individuality and rewards creativity. I encourage everyone to incorporate Maximalism into their lives be it through brightly patterned home decor, few extra large accessories or even just in life, learning to celebrate the messiness. This shoot was shot at The Warehouse in West Columbia, which is home to local art, antiques, and knick knacks galore. This place is any Maximalist’s dream come true!