Nostalgic Tendencies

A poem exploring the past and how it informs our present

by Julia Dunne / Garnet & Black

I dwell in the past so often.

My own history is unique and comforting, and I just simply cannot help myself.

I grow so fast and nostalgia chases me, an emotional glimpse at what once was, at life before now.

My thoughts greet me with tranquility upon the memory of the child I used to be.

The warm taste of a savory homemade dish I once loved.

The soft, luscious feel of a plush puppy I once held so tight.

I will forever let my heart be engulfed in the feeling of love and light.

The sentiment wraps me up in comfort, but it also carries a whisper of dread.

The sounds of seagulls at a beach I once visited so often with distant family.

The smell of artificial plastic, much like the toys I once relied on to keep me company.

Nostalgia has become something so utterly bittersweet to me.

I have become nostalgic for life experiences that happened not too long ago.

It is one thing to have a happy memory, but it is another to yearn for that whole-hearted feeling once more.

What do we call the opposite of this feeling? Anticipation, perhaps. 

Romanticize the moment, so you can look back and be embraced.