Unisex Style

by Zane Heinlein / Garnet & Black

Written and Styled by Kaitlyn Howard

For this shoot I did a unisex shoot featuring two models and two looks to show versatility. Halfway through the shoot I had the models switch outfits and so it represented the versatility of unisex styling and made the looks more editorial. It was also to give viewers inspiration in styling outfits that can work for anyone. I chose to do this shoot at this industrial looking area with train tracks and factories all around. I thought it would be a cool contrast for the higher end looks and it works very well. I think that by showing same sex clothing items it can be a new way to look at fashion itself, and I think that these unisex trends will continue to grow as the industry is changing every day. I loved working with the models and having them go out of their comfort zones to maybe wear clothes they normally would not choose to wear. I think that everyone has the right to express themselves in the way they want to and so having more unisex clothing lines in the fashion industry would help greatly and create positive change. Fashion and style is an important way to express who you are as a person and portray what you want to represent. The shoot hopefully represents the idea that people don't have to  identify as one gender and they can just wear what they want to wear and express themselves through any item of clothing that speaks to them.