Trendy Vs Timeless

by Jerry Bowen / Garnet & Black

Written and styled by Kaitlyn Howard

Most of us may not think about how the pandemic affected fashion, but it affected it in more ways than we know. With the world shutting down and people not being able to express themselves through what they wear out, many people turned to social media. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram were thriving with fashion trends during this time. So many trends, for about a year now, have been coming in and out of style so fast that it has been hard to keep up with. It’s been putting a major dent in a lot of people's bank accounts because they keep buying new clothes. Not only is this hurting peoples bank accounts, but, more importantly, it’s hurting our environment with all the fast fashion that has been taking place. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the trends and different pieces that become popular because it keeps fashion fresh and eventful, but I am just putting out some tips for anyone who wants to look fashionable with pieces that are going to continue to stay in style for a long time. This is what I would call dressing in more of a timeless way then trendy. Let’s start with jeans. I think that just because mom jeans or wide-leg jeans have recently become in style, doesn’t mean they’re not timeless. These types of jeans will stay in style for a long period of time because they can be paired with so many different pieces of clothes and styled to be either casual or fancy. Classic tanks, fitted long sleeve tanks and blouses are also timeless because they can be paired with so many things and styled many ways. For shoes, a classic pair of white sneakers and a classic heal are timeless because, again, they can be paired with many different things and if we look back at the heel it has been the same for decades so we know it lasts and will continue to last. Leather is also timeless because of the way it looks and can make an outfit go from a 5 to a 10. Also, a leather jacket has been in style for decades, just different variations of it. The two looks I choose that are shown here are timeless pieces in my opinion and perfect for the fall season. Now, let's talk about Trendy looks and how so many things come back in style. First cowgirl boots, which came on all the sudden but now I see every girl has a pair. They’re super cute but are definitely not going to last too much longer. I think as fall continues people are going to transition into more of the knee-high wide leg boot. Also prints have been popular in the past year or so and of course tennis skirts and just the “athletic look” in general is extremely popular. Many trends from the early 2000s are making their come back with fun colors, low rise pants, mini skirts and tie tops. What I have noticed with these trends is that they are either being started by an influencer who starts wearing something that attracts many people's attention so they buy it and it builds up popularity from there, or just random people post a video or a picture wearing something that many people really like, so it blows up and becomes a trend because everyone buys it. This is all thanks to social media and

how technology is changing the fashion industry so much. With the other two looks I chose for this shoot, I wanted to show some fun outfits that many people would look at and go “okay that’s trendy” and also find inspiration for some cute fall looks. These outfits were just my opinions on trendy outfits but there are so many ways to dress in-trend right now and that’s one of the reasons why I love fashion. People can express themselves by dressing how they want to. Now, when we talk about Trendy vs Timeless it can get pretty confusing a lot of the time because so many trends from the 70s, 80s, 90s and now early 2000s are coming back. A lot of these pieces are considered timeless pieces while also being worn in-trend right now. Not to say that these trends now will not come back in style in the future just like they have before, but being able to slow down this process and pick up more basics will not only help your style last longer but can help the environment as well.