Diwali Lights

The style culture behind India's diwali festival of lights.

by Sydney Bonaparte / Garnet & Black

Written and Styled by Isha Singh 

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated by Indians all across the world. It is the festival of lights and all things good. Diwali is the day where light over comes the darkness and is the start of the new year. The colors and clothing that are worn on Diwali are very important aspects of the festival as well. The clothing that is worn reflects the joy and exhilaration of the holiday. Vibrant colors and elaborate fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and velvet are worn to capture the importance of Diwali. People show off their most elegant dresses and jewelry to bring on the new year. Gold is seen as an auspicious element in Indian culture, which is why many incorporate that color into their clothing during Diwali. The models that are showcased in this shoot, both are seen incorporating gold into both of their outfits called lenghas and into their jewelry as well. In this shoot, I wanted to showcase the fashion of Diwali and explain the meaning behind it. Though the outfits are extravagant and beautiful, they do hold meaning and culture behind them. The clothing that is worn during Diwali reflects the grandness of the festival itself and is reflected into the overall fashion of the festival. Diwali is the day of blessings and light; the colorful and traditional clothing and jewelry that is worn aren’t just for show but hold meaning behind them.