Unstyled Style

The Styles of Our Student Body

by Alexis Croft / Garnet & Black

Here at Garnet & Black, our style team works tirelessly to produce original content with a high focus on fashion. Each stylist carefully and meticulously curates the outfits showcased in their style shoots. These shoots often reflect the styles and personal aesthetics of our staff members. 

Unfortunately, not every Gamecock student has the privilege to create style content for Garnet & Black (even though we would absolutely love to see it if it was possible!). Every student on campus has their own unique style that deserves to be seen. In this shoot we have allowed our models to dress themselves. We have decided that it is time for our fellow Gamecocks to show us what makes their style unique. 

Fashion is often seen as a reflection of self. We use style as a form of self expression. Like fingerprints, no two styles are the same, fashion differs from person-to-person. It is important to display the extreme amount of diversity that exists not only in the world of fashion, but here at UofSC. Many students have the ability to fly under the radar and risk the chance of being underrepresented, here at Garnet & Black we are determined to acknowledge and showcase those students and their stories.

“The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear.” - Ines de La Fressange