Art for the People: 5 Local Murals and the Artists Behind Them

Take a look at some of the most public masterpieces in town!

by Ryan Finley / Garnet & Black

Murals are a unique art form. They're intrinsically public, must work with the given architecture and are inherently community-oriented. While they are not often treated with the same legitimacy as studio or gallery work, murals can be a vital part of cultural enrichment for a local community. Art seldom exists in a vacuum, but rather is surrounded by stories just waiting to be told.

Artists are positioned in an interesting place in our society. They often defy traditional expectations and tend to be seen as the rebels and renegades of our society. They largely operate by their own rules, striving to be original and authentic. Artists come in all forms and in all personalities, but they share a love of self-expression and the simple joys of creation—one of the most fundamentally human activities possible.

These artists are changing the game in a variety of ways. Some are more reserved and move to instruct and inspire other young artists. Others are bursting with energy and want to push boundaries in what society believes is possible. Some are fierce advocates who use their art as a political tool and a call to action. Others want to create fantasy worlds that viewers can escape into when reality feels too harsh. Even though the personalities profiled in this piece are incredibly different, they all share a belief in the virtue of the craft and they all love to create.

Through this small profile series, you will get to explore different interpretations of what it means to be an artist. The personalities and experiences documented in this series are as unique and vibrant as the murals that they create. These are some of the artists that are actively trying to make Columbia more colorful, more thoughtful and more united. Scan the QR code to read the full interview series on the G&B Magazine’s website!