Takes Time

A unity poem

by Melissa Borgerding / Garnet & Black

Unity can be difficult to envision in a world

stubborn in its division.

Its promises made with crossed fingers,

open arms across the aisle quick to close

its counterparts out.

Transformative times are not easy to traverse,

some yearn for the quiet of before, while others

shudder at its satiation - a nation settling 

when it could be elevating its ambition,

there is no reason to turn backward.

The sun cannot illuminate a path that has already

fallen into shadow,

Ink marked on a page cannot be erased -

legislation is not permanent, but its amendments will

always remember.

Coming together does not mean falling into old

habits, for centuries long injustices cannot 

be solved with dated solutions.

Though it may feel like the present has yet to catch up,

there is compassion and reason in the people who 

create art to calm the noise, to 

filter the static of breaking stories with plots that

never seem to have resolution.

It is during times of turmoil and devastation that

we turn to the artists, and

it isn’t often we see a poet outshine a president, though 

it sets the precedent that we should never 

underestimate the vastness an artist

can grasp within her reach - Her verse,

echoing beyond boundaries, a nation watching

silently - listening as her voice commands the hill.


A twenty-two year old woman with ambition 

fierce enough to tame a politician brought 

emotion to Americans that they haven’t felt 

in some time: hope.

She has shown that we do not have to wait for the times

to change, for if we simply look beyond our TV screens

and into the streets, toward our neighbors 

and family - there is art. Music, 

and poetry.