Reasons For Being Single on Valentine's Day...

And why they, like your relationship status, are kinda flimsy

by Jaylen Anderson / Garnet & Black

Dread it. Run from it. Valentine’s Day still arrives. It seems to be a fact that the more celebrated a holiday is, the more miserable we as a people can get. Which I totally get, and to some level have even accepted, but I am not the majority. This list is dedicated to those who fail to internalize the utter dread of being single on Valentine’s day and subsequently come up with reasons why they’re “okay” with their relationship status on the one day it seems to matter. This list is the comfort, the intervention and the all-around kick in the butt to get back in the arena this year. Interested yet? Let’s proceed. 

I “need to stay single for the boys/girls”

In the words of Rocky Balboa and every motivational video you have seen ever, “ Lemme tell you sumthin’ ya already know.” They don’t care. I don’t care, and above all, you shouldn’t care so much that you put your imagined “bro-love” over your own happiness. There is a Latin phrase: Si vos amo, tum amor. It means, “if you love, then love.” Love it up this February, and trust me, your friend group will survive. 

I couldn’t care less, I’m saving money!

At what cost? Is it really worth it? Are the 200 dollars you save worth the two pints of ice cream you ate? Is it worth the increased water bill after slow-sliding down the shower walls playing “The Scientist” by Coldplay? You have to look in the mirror you Scrooge, and realize that you can have both at the same time, just say it’s her birthday and share a free dessert. You see, love and frugality!

COVID took all my opportunities to find love.

This is probably the biggest lie on this list by far. People didn’t stop finding love once quarantine hit, that’s why everyone in the world isn’t single on V-day. Also, the pandemic has taken a lot, but it can’t take your game. In fact, most people, after spending the last year in utter isolation, would be that much more enticed by your charm. I know I am at least.

Jaylen Anderson / Garnet & Black

I’m just focusing on me right now.

You can do both! Your other half is wandering out there right now without you because what? You want to play Call of Duty in the mornings or enjoy bottomless mimosas without the burden of another person’s love? Great reasons, but you are intentionally missing out on the benefits of a holiday like this. Don’t be that friend who has to ask for a “Gal-entines” day because you didn’t have a date this year.

I...I just can’t take the heartbreak again.

Yes, you can and you will because love, my friend, is a contact sport. There are bumps and bruises along the way, but if you want to get anything out of it, you have to be willing to try. There is someone out there for you, and there is no telling what might go down, but the victory is in the trying. And also, what the heck? If you would’ve tried you probably wouldn’t need to be reading this article now would you? 

All jokes aside, if we want something in life, we can’t let anything stop us and Valentine’s Day is just one in a long list of things we unintentionally block ourselves from enjoying. Even if you’re found reading this article again next year, you would’ve done something; we can make a statement that we don’t settle for less but blaze our own trail to happiness, date or not. So here’s to us, and discounted candy on the 15th!