Entering a Fashion World Inspired by "Bridgerton"

A 2021 look-book for up-and-coming style

by Lily VinCola / Garnet & Black

We're well on our way to celebrating our one year anniversary with the pandemic and we can’t help but sigh that being cooped up wearing our pajamas and sweats day in and day out has made us forget about the rush of playing spring dress-up. 

I probably would have completely forgotten that spring was around the corner if it wasn’t for my mother. My mother's calls are rather demanding. This week she reminded me to prioritize my wardrobe. I've never wanted to pull my hair out faster. In fact, if I'd continued to talk to her for another ten minutes, I am sure I would have been bald! What did she want me to do? You guessed it. It’s the dreaded spring cleaning. 

So before your mother calls claiming her favorite motto, "out with the old; in with the new,"  and urges you to clean out your closet, take this advice: 

Don’t empty out your closets yet. 

Inspired by Netflix's hit period drama "Bridgerton", Paris Couture Week's newest spring couture collection is for fans wanting to incorporate a little more "Bridgerton" into their lives. 

The collection consists of delicate-toned dresses that are highlighted by the seven wonders of embellishments: jewels, floral embroidery, flowing trains, lace trim, ribbons, fringe and appliqué. Each outfit draws inspiration from Daphne Bridgerton, Lady Danbury, Queen Charlotte and the Featherington ladies.

We are entering a new era of fashion, filled with trends that haven’t seen the light of day since the 16th century. Hang onto the bralettes, corsets, pastel puffy sleeve shirts, white squareline long dresses, pastel patterned dresses and lace gloves. There is no point spending your money to replace something you already have. You may be a hoarder but at least you are a stylish hoarder!

Let’s deep-dive into the statement pieces making their second appearance. Whether you plan on going into the city when the pandemic is over or having a picnic with your friends, there's an outfit in here that you're sure to thank Bridgeton for giving its rightful spotlight. 


Whether you want to show just a little skin or a lot of it—  will leave you feeling like a part of Tik Tok’s dark academia community! To make this outfit school appropriate, throw on your most intricate bralette, a pair of high-waisted jeans, a blazer, gold layered necklaces and mini gold hoops. If you’re feeling a little gutsy, style the bralette with a tennis skirt. Stick to a neutral palette to emphasize the bralette.

Puffy-sleeved shirts

A pastel top, especially with a major sleeve moment, will you to feel like an extra in a Zoom production of Cinderella. A word of advice for shopping for the puffy sleeves: the more poofy, the more compliments. Can your sleeves ever be too puffy? The answer is no. When wearing a puffy sleeve shirt, make sure to stick to a monochromatic color palette. Add in fun hair accessories like ribbons or hair clips!

White square-neck dress

Skinny jeans lovers: hear me out. Skinny jeans have had their 15 minutes of fame. As good as they make our legs look, I can’t justify wearing skinny jeans at the expense of my legs suffocating. It's time to wear something breathable. Long dresses have never had their deserved fame. In fact, most times when this trend comes around, it’s here and gone. But not this time. Thanks to "Bridgerton" and the normalization of wearing longer dresses, comfort and grace will dictate the style of maxi dresses this spring. 

Pastel patterned floral dresses

For magical days of hosting an Instagram-worthy picnic, reach for a pastel patterned floral dress and simple jewelry to maintain comfort and coolness. I insist on enjoying all the perks of the grass and hidden trails. Keep your heels at home, too. You won’t be able to hike the trails if your heel gets stuck in the grass. Sandals or a classic white slip-on Van are more suitable. 

Lace gloves

Spoiler alert: the mesh lace gloves are back. If you don’t own a pair this instant, I insist that you hide your hands until they are properly adorned. You might as well revoke your hands from every picture you are going to take if you don't have gloves to showcase. This double feature is a crowd-stopper. Pair the gloves with a corset, a puffy-sleeved shirt, or gown. Complete the look with ribbed trimmed white socks and chunky flats.