Halloween Nostalgia

How holiday traditions change with time and space


The arrival of October doesn’t only bring cooler weather and a changing of leaves. This month also includes the spookiest time of the year thanks to Halloween. Everyone has their favorite spooky season activities to do at this time, be it costume parties or creepy decorating. I am no exception and find myself celebrating until the last day of October. 

While I do enjoy the parties and candy brought on by this season, my favorite Halloween activity is actually one that I’ve been enjoying since I was a child. For as long as I can remember, every Halloween my sisters and I would watch several Halloween-themed movies throughout the month of October. This movie marathon always began on the first day of October and each night before bedtime we would watch at least one spooky movie. Over time, this holiday habit became a full family affair and our parents began joining us for our movie nights. This tradition continued even as we got older and stopped trick-or-treating.

Even moving away for college did not stop this tradition for me. While I can’t physically be there to watch anything with the rest of my family, I can still enjoy those same movies from our childhood. It always brings about fond nostalgic memories when I see some of my favorite movies or even scenes. 

Now that I don’t have my family to enjoy these movies with, the tradition has adapted in some ways. I often find myself enjoying these movies with friends instead, with new jokes and memories being made. Sometimes I even find myself binging several movies a night, having my own watch party until even the ghost are sleeping. This is a Halloween tradition I won’t be letting go of anytime soon, as it always makes for a great time to reminisce about my life before college. Halloween is no longer just a spookier time to me, but instead a month I get to spend thinking and remembering all the good time I had with my family.

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