Clairo: Show Review

Alternative/pop music's next big thing

by Chance Eller / Garnet & Black

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Clairo will be a pop powerhouse for the next generation. 

Claire Cottrill’s style of dreamy, soft pop has garnered a great deal of attention in the past year or so, resulting in approximately 3.5 Billion feature placements, some pretty massive collaborations and even a spot on Tame Impala’s 2020 tour. 

After a few singles and a fabulous debut album (Immunity, 2019), she has been able to tour extensively, selling out venues across the nation and beyond. The crowds at these shows share the same positive energy found in her music; people of all ages packed the show I attended with more excitement than I’ve ever seen for a singer/songwriter, and she deserves it. 

The subdued, wistfully happy feeling of her new album, Immunity, translates perfectly into a live setting, with her performance of the Rostam-produced bop, "Softly," being a personal highlight, though the new tracks still fit snuggly with her older cuts like "Flaming Hot Cheetos."

Overall, I was crazy impressed, even going in as a casual fan. Any fan of alternative, pop, or good music in general should hit a Clairo show if they get the chance because this is only the beginning.found in