Breakaway Carolina 2019: Kid Quill Review

Kid Quill gives crowd a night to remember with Breakaway Carolina performance

by Chance Eller / Garnet & Black

Breakaway Carolina 2019 saw a true artist at the precipice of stardom. 

Kid Quill, fresh off the release of his new concept album, Sunset Diner, was seething with energy, and this could be seen by the audience's reactions alone. I watched the entire crowd meet him bar for bar during the whole show, not only with his classics but also with his brand new tracks; even more impressive considering the record had only been out for about a month.  

Chance Eller / Garnet & Black

Though this is his first headliner, the man is a natural on stage and the Meet Me At Sunset tour has been an exercise in flexing his performing muscle. Recently, he’s hit Electric Forest, Firefly and Lollapalooza, but when asked about some of his favorite recent stops, he recalls Minneapolis, Phoenix and others, insisting any show is only as big as the response the crowd gives him. 

This positive energy translates directly into his music, with his 70s and 80s small-town sound containing all the swagger of a 2012 Chance the Rapper. The concept of Quill’s new LP draws inspiration from his origin in Shelbyville, Indiana, and the ‘local’ mindset that often comes along with one’s hometown. 

The album evokes the unadulterated joy of adolescence, the naivety of a small-town mindset and the ability of some to grow beyond it all. Personally, I see his sincerity as a driving force behind his artistry, as one can easily see the impact of both on his fans.

Kid Quill has a way of evoking a world of his own creation through music with a genuine sincerity not often found in the music industry today. I would keep an eye on him if I were you.