Concrete Jungle

Styled by Caroline Hart and Madalyn Hair || Photographed by Cole Rojahn || Model: Madalyn Hair

Summer in Columbia guarantees dead heat, clear blue skies, and concrete. We don’t have the grandest skyline or an abundance of tall buildings, but we do have plenty of parking garages and asphalt.

In this style shoot, we mixed floral patterns and white solids to create a dichotomy of soft and hard lines, both with the clothes and with the architecture of buildings in downtown Columbia. We used geometric accessories, like art deco earrings and purses, which have really started to come back into style. Lastly, we drew from street style inspirations, using sneakers and denim to invoke classic city daywear.

While shooting out in the heat, we found that there’s nothing like an all white, clean summer outfit that can make you feel cooler under the sun. One white top can be found styled three different ways here, making it an absolute essential for the summer.  

First look: Dress from Nasty Gal. Earrings from Sugarfix/Popsugar (Target). Shoes from Limelight.

Second look: Shirt, skort, and hat from Entourage Clothing. Shoes from Topshop. Earrings from fab'rik. 

Third look: Top from Nasty Gal. Skort and purse from Zara. Earrings from Forever 21. Shoes from Entourage Clothing.

Fourth look: Jacket from Zara. Shoes from Limelight.

Fifth look: Shorts from Zara. Shoes from Limelight. Sunglasses from Quay Australia.

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