Eat & Rally

The Best Bar Food in Columbia.

Photo by Brennan Booker

Let's get something straight: Pita Pit is not a viable “drunk food” option. If the meal is something you would order two lunches in a row without an ounce of remorse, it does not suit the glorious carb and cheese covered category that satisfies an alcohol filled stomach. Some of you may have the right idea. “Ah, yes,” you say, “She’s talking about the borderline state fair options available in Columbia around 1:30 in the morning.” 

Indeed, I am. 

No matter your location in Columbia, there is a winner in this unofficial cheesiest snack competition for your neighborhood. 

NIGHTCAPS: Four words; hand breaded mozzarella sticks. For those willing to make the trek down Divine Street, the reward of Mozzarella sticks made from scratch awaits in this classic and friendly neighborhood bar. Accompanying the arguably best drunk food in Columbia is their famous Styrofoam-clad White Russian. Not a cheese stick fan? Their quesadilla and fully loaded cheese fries will not disappoint. 

THE WHIG: Speaking of cheese fries, I would be wrong to not talk about the best ones in late night Columbia. Located in the Main Street District, The Whig offers fully loaded homemade fries with the perfect amount of cheese distributed throughout the dish (not simply piled on top, leaving cheeseless fries underneath). Upon locating this unique underground venue across from the SC State House, gouda mac and cheese, pizza, grilled cheeses and neato vibes await you. 

BAR NONE: The options I’ve listed thus far are rock solid, but maybe you don’t have time to venture out of Five Points. Maybe you need to #treatyoself right now. Residing near the corner of Blossom and Harden Street, Bar None allows just that. This wildly underrated spot specializes in a wide variety of sharable snacks. Fried mushrooms, fried pickles, cheese fries, wings, personalized ceiling tiles and killer customer service are among the bragging points here. 

No matter the evening’s agenda, these three locations and their friendly faces behind the bar are ready to “Fieri up” these dishes well past traditional operational hours. Remember: when in doubt, Nightcaps’ mozzarella-stick it out.

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