Fall/Winter 2017 Trend Report: Clothing


New York Fashion Week has just passed and we all know that they set the stage for trends everywhere. We see brands trading casual looks for power suits, tailored and structured pieces. Pink is now the new red and 70’s plaid is back, along with western wear. Did I forget to mention, hello shoulder pads!  Now on to the good stuff... 

Banker Suits:

This trend says I’m here, I’m serious and I want to slay. It also puts a different spin on business professional. They’re perfect for androgynous dressing and can be transformed from day to night, and who doesn’t love that after a hard day of work with some play! Playing with different patterns for this suit will be sure to make a head turn!

Pretty in Pink NO Red:

Move over Millennial Pink, because power red is here. There was tons of red and burgundy on the runway this season. Adding this staple color anywhere in your outfit pieces instantly spices it up!

Wild Wild West:

Being that most of us are from the south, we all have a hint of small town cowgirl in our wardrobe. Now that it's trending we can start embracing that side. Stars usually represent western wear and they are the shape of the season; look for embroidery on denim and jean jackets. Now that it's fall, kick out the cowboy boots, girl!

70’s Plaid:

What’s better than normal plaid? 70’s plaid! This trend was all over the runway. You can wear plaid with any piece in your wardrobe, from cute cut skirts, trendy pants or sweet little dresses. Plaid is such an unlikely versatile piece for the fall!

Oversized Blazers:

I’ve always had this staple in my closet from thrifting all the time but never really had the courage to wear due to the shoulder pads. But have no fear, this trend is no longer outdated. You can easily use an oversized blazer as a jacket with jeans or a romantic slip dress for a date night. It even works in the office or for days you’re feeling bloated and want to cover up a little more.

These five trends were ALL over the runway, meaning they can be all in your closet for the fall. I love this season for layering, and all of these trends can transition from the fall to winter so don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone and try!

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