Imagine Music Festival Preview

Boogie T performing at Imagine Music Festival–photo by Ashlyn Jackson

Stepping inside a music festival is like boarding a ship and going to another world: there is nothing like it and you will never want to leave. Tie-dye, pashminas and totems are everywhere. People with hula-hoops and juggling talent will flow with the music around them. Music is on non-stop repeat all day and all night. 

The best part of music festivals is the people you meet. If you are out of water, you could shout for help, and four people will come running up to you with backpacks filled with water. 

Imagine is a music festival in Atlanta, Georgia from Sept. 22nd through the 24th. Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, The Floozies and many more bands will be headlining this amazing festival. Because it’s a camping festival, you can load up your car and set up camp right next to it. 

Music festivals are not just about the music. There are art vendors, delicious food stands and clothing vendors that will have anything your little festival heart could desire. In the morning, you can head over to the main center of Imagine and get your morning yoga in before the day starts. If you need to cool off in the heat, there is a splash pool you can go take a dip in (floats are accepted). At night, look up for the aerial and circus acts that will be going on right before your eyes. 

And if you still want more music after it ends, you can head on over to the silent disco and dance until you can dance no more. At Imagine, there is always something going on that can keep you entertained because there is never a dull moment at a music festival. This three day camping festival is filled with kind people, amazing music, and will bring you some memories that will last a lifetime. You can purchase your three-day pass here.

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