Fall Bites: Pastries


It’s a crisp, fall morning and midterms are looming. You decide a study session is in order, so you pack up your books, wrap up in your favorite scarf and grab a cup of coffee and a warm pastry from one of Columbia’s local bakeries.  

Rise Gourmet Goods & Bakery

Rise is a cute little cafe that opened this past year and was named Columbia’s Best New Restaurant in 2016. They have a location on Harden Street in Five Points and another in Olympia Mills. They’re known for having a wide selection of menu items ranging from lunch and dinner options to sweets and pastries.

The pastry that caught my eye more than anything was their Candied Apple Galette. A galette is a round, flat, crusted cake with a fruity or savory filling. Rise lets their apple filling cook to develop the bold flavors. This method gives it the right amount of sweet without the common caramel or cinnamon apple taste.

All of their baked goods and pastries range between $3 and $6. Although their pastry case selection may not have as much variety as some, they put up a good competition with taste.

Crust Bakehouse

Crust sits at the intersection of Rosewood and South Woodrow. It’s an easy corner to miss, but one you won't want to. The shop feels artistinal. Every day, they post a menu of the wide selection of breads on their Facebook page. They have a little something for everyone, including homemade treats for your dogs.

I tried the Cherry Pecan Scone, which tasted rich and tart. I also got the Caramel Pecan Pound Cake, one of their signature dishes and a best-seller. It was the perfect combination of sweet caramel and bourbon glaze undercut by the warm nuttiness of the pecans.

Their scones cost $2.69 apiece, and for those interested in their artisan bread, their loaves go for $6 and are finished baking around 10 every morning.

Silver Spoon Bake Shop

What was once an old house on Devine Street is now a small bakery. From the second you walk through the doors, the scent of delicious baking washes over you. On Wednesdays, they make cinnamon rolls, and on Fridays, they have specialty croissants. Silver Spoon also serves coffee that is locally roasted at Turtle Creek Coffee.

In 2014, Silver Spoon Bake Shop won Columbia’s Best Biscuit, so, of course, I had to try one. I was feeling pretty adventurous and tried the Black Pepper and Pimento Cheese flavor. The pepper gave the perfect little kick to the pimento cheese. I also tried the Bacon and Cheddar. Bacon lovers around Columbia should flock to this biscuit.

All of their biscuits go for $1.75 each while the rest of their sweets and pastries go for around $2 or $3. The biscuits are scrumptious and filling, especially for how little they cost.

Ally & Eloise Bakery

Ally is the owner; Eloise is her spunky French Bulldog. The bakery was one of the first in the area when they opened on Forest Drive more than four years ago. In just a few weeks, they are opening another location off Main Street, across from the Mast General Store. Their signatures are brightly colored macaroons and dainty baby cakes. They also sell cake pops and gourmet cookies.

Each of the macaroons is dyed vivid hues with different colored fillings for different flavors. The baby cakes are petit pound cakes glazed with rich buttercream.  

Although their current store is farther away, their new location on Main Street is right near the bustle of downtown. It’s within perfect walking distance for anyone living on campus who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth. Their macaroons are $2 each and the cookies are $1.50 each.

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