Fall Calendar


Oct. 12-23

State Fair

South Carolina’s annual state fair is back! Grab some friends, grab some food and hop on your favorite ride. For the first time, fairgoers can purchase an advance $25 voucher that gets you pay-one-price rides all day, even on weekends. Order yours online before Oct. 12 to take advantage of this discounted price, a great opportunity for those out-of-state students that have never experienced the state fair.

Oct. 14

2nd Act Film Festival

Forget your typical Friday night movie and come out to enjoy original screenplays written, directed and filmed by South Carolina’s very own up-and-coming filmmakers. Contestants are given the first and third acts of a screenplay and are left to fill in the second act however they choose. You will get to watch the entire film and experience each artist’s unique approach to the project. The festival is hosted by Jasper magazine and will be held at Tapp’s Arts Center.

Oct. 19-23

Colour of Music Festival

If classical music is your thing, consider taking a trip to Charleston for the fourth annual Colour of Music Festival. The weekend is dedicated to showcasing black classical artists who have been largely underrepresented in the American classical symphony scene. The festival will feature some of the top black classical musicians of the United States. In an attempt to change the color typically associated with classical music, masterpieces from African-French composer Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, well known in Europe but largely forgotten in America, will be performed by musicians traveling to Charleston from all over the world. Visit www.colourofmusic.org/upcoming-events to learn more about each day’s special events, locations and ticket prices.

Oct. 23, 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Gervais Street Bridge Dinner

This event was hosted for the first time last year to aid in the healing process of multiple flood-ravaged cities and honor first responders. After great success, it has returned this fall to continue raising funds for local charities, including Heroes in Blue, a non-profit dedicated to bridging the gap between communities and their local police. Guests will enjoy a seated, sunset dinner along with live music, local artists and performances throughout the night. Visit gervaisstreetbridgedinner.com to purchase tickets.

Nov. 11-13

Craftsmen's Classics Art and Crafts Festival 

Witness the creative process of hundreds of artists and craftspeople at this festival, and even a purchase a knick knack or two. Find beautiful decorations, artwork and jewelry; the wide selection of holiday gifts offers something unique for all tastes. Sunshine Artist Magazine has ranked the event among the "100 Best Classic & Contemporary Arts & Crafts Festival." The festival is hosted at 1200 Rosewood Drive. Tickets are $8.

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