Suite Style: Sounds


When shopping for a new apartment, most people focus on the essentials: couches, beds, chairs and tables. 

Those are necessary for any living space to be functional, but it’s the little things that make a new place a home. Home decor is not only decoration; it’s self-expression. These are products to help you express yourself through sound, whether you love jamming to oldies, headbanging or relaxing to the soft cadence of nature.


Record players are ideal for someone who wants to go back to the basics, but also likes staying up to date with today’s latest albums. Most new releases are made into vinyl and can either be the beginning of a new or old collection. Whether it rests on a corner table or on display in the center of the room, the vintage look and sound will create a sense of sophistication in the space. Record players can be found at Urban Outfitters, which has turntables as well.


Headphones are an absolute necessity, especially for people who live with roommates. Earbuds work just as well when you’re trying to not disturb a roommate, but over-ear headphones — especially noise-canceling ones — really do make it seem like you’re in your own little world. The sound is so much cleaner as well, whether you’re watching YouTube videos or listening to music. Headphones can be found in many major stores and the USC bookstore in Russell House.


A wind chime is one of the most peaceful products you can buy for your home. The tinkling sound creates a serene atmosphere throughout the whole apartment or dorm room. If your apartment has a balcony, that would be a great place for a wind chime; however, if not, you can attain the same effect by placing it in a room with an often-opened window. That way, it would be more easily heard than if it were outside. And if placed inside, a small one would be best so it wouldn’t take up too much room or create too much noise. Wind chimes can be found at Target starting at around $12.


A fountain adds elegance to a room that nothing else can quite match. They are usually compact, fit easily on a side table and would be a great addition to any living room. The sound of running water is a great background noise that induces a sense of calm in whatever room it inhabits. The Target on Garners Ferry Road has a small selection of table fountains. This unique item will add a level of distinction to separate your apartment from the rest.


Many people, myself included, find it hard to focus when there’s no sound in the background. A noise machine is perfect for solving the problem. Plus, it can usually bring a bit of nature into an apartment. Whether the machine has natural sounds or creates white noise, it is ideal for anyone who needs a little bit of sound to think. Bed Bath & Beyond has a number of noise machines, some which specifically are meant to aid those who sleep better with background sounds.

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