Suite Style: Texture


Beyond the bustle of Greene Street and stress of classes, students need a comfortable oasis to escape. Through considerate use of textures, it’s possible to achieve your very own lodge retreat within the walls of your apartment.


There’s nothing that screams “lodge” more than actual tree bark. From tables, lamps, cutting boards and coasters, stores are replacing their classic, polished wood items with rougher, more rustic pieces for those hoping to bring the outside in. If you want to be reminded of your favorite summer hiking trips, bark accents will do the trick. These items are equally perfect for those who appreciate nature, but prefer the tranquility of the great indoors.


A great option for college students who want to personalize their space is investing in a faux fur pouf or a furry bean bag. They’re stylish and compact enough to fit in your small dorm space or next to that boring, grey couch your apartment complex provides. But, if you’re looking for less pricey fur items, as these poufs generally run around $100 or $200, it’s easy to find blankets, pillows, rugs and even table runners in furry fabrics at places like Pier 1 Imports.

Hammered Metal

While metal can often have a more industrial feel, a hammered metal bowl, vase or lamp base can actually bring a great deal of warmth to any space. Metallic accents look great with wooden and fur items, and they give any space a modern touch. Additionally, the hammered texture allows for light to reflect off the object in unique ways. Not only will you want to touch it, but you’ll also enjoy lighting your favorite candles by your metal decor.

Cable Knit

Just like your favorite sweater, a cable knit blanket or pillow can add the perfect touch of coziness to your daily life. So if you’ve considered ditching that old quilt your grandma passed down to you, it might be time. I recently purchased a teal, cable knit pillow while shopping for a few groceries at Target, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite dorm items. For a unique take on mounted deer heads, often seen in lodges, some brands offer ones made from resin and cable knit fabric.

A Touch of Flannel

It’s a chilly day and you don't want to get out of bed. However, you know you have to make it to that pesky 8:30 a.m. class you signed up for, thinking it would motivate you to spend your nights studying and going to bed at a reasonable hour. So you roll out in your softest flannel shirt and grab a coffee. Well, the flannel doesn’t have to stop there. Flannel blankets and bedding add the perfect touch of comfort to any fusty dorm room or stark apartment to create a lodge-like abode.

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