Suite Style: Sight

by Charles Dymock / Garnet & Black

Studying in a dorm or an apartment can be depressing with the harsh florescent lights and boring, generic desk lamps. Here are five easy solutions on how to show off your aesthetic while brightening up your space.

Illuminating Art

The space above your bed is no longer reserved for the $5 poster you got before freshman year. If you’re someone who prefers to write your papers from the comfort of your covers, then consider adding a little extra light to your bedroom with lighted wall art. Don’t feel like spending a ton of money? That’s fine — grab some colorful string, a sheet of hardware cloth and a string of LED lights. Your one-of-a-kind lit dream catcher will add a comforting glow, perfect for writing English papers and watching Netflix alike. Browsing Etsy is your best option, but a website called DiaNoche Designs sells a variety of illuminated wall art starting at $149.

Lit Letters

It's become a trend recently for college students to accent their room by hanging decorative letters, including Greek letters, large monograms or perhaps even an inspirational quote or two. But when the sun sets, no one is able to see the writing on your wall. Trade your stickers, plaques and expensive wooden letters for a custom initial light. Single letters from run $24.99 plus shipping.

String Lights 

Christmas lights can be found in nearly every dorm room, so here are a few twists on the quintessential dorm room accent. Make them into a faux headboard, with your favorite photos as an accent, or wrap them around the metal frame of your bed. If you have too much light at night, try making a frame around your mirror. The best part about these lights is that they are inexpensive, chic and can make a room instantly feel warmer and cozier. A 50 count of white or green string lights costs a measly $2.48 at The Home Depot.

Paper Lanterns

You’re getting ready to go out, so you have your favorite playlist blasting and your best outfit on. You want to document the night but face it — no one looks good under harsh fluorescent lighting. Achieve a soft glow for pictures and selfies or simply for a mellow mood by hanging paper lanterns. They’re lightweight enough to be hung with command hooks and add a cozy touch to any space. Use one in the middle of your room for a budget chandelier look or two on opposite sides of the room for separate lighting for you and your roomie. One large paper lantern from Target is priced at $6.39 while a string of 10 smaller ones will set you back $9.99.