Food Fight: Food Trucks


by Kamila Melko and Kamila Melko / Garnet & Black

In the world of college students, food trucks have become almost as trendy as calling an Uber and rocking white high-top Converse. Mobile dining, food on wheels — whatever you want to call it — we are just as obsessed as the next person. In the past year, these trucks have been popping up all over Columbia at farmers markets, special events and on the side of Gervais Street. Which trucks are worthy of your time?t was my job to find out.

The Wurst Wagen is one of the most widely known food trucks in the Columbia area, and the first stop on my taste-testing excursion. They are known for German sausages, also known as bratwurst, and pride themselves on showcasing authentic German cuisine. I asked the employee working the truck to give me whatever he considered their “specialty." I ordered the Knack Wurst, which is a pork and beef sausage. It was served with spicy mustard, a thick bread roll and sauerkraut. The sausage was a bit mild and what I would consider under-seasoned. However, the spicy mustard gave it the pizazz it needed, and the sauerkraut was the perfect compliment. While TWW wasn’t my favorite truck that I visited, if you are looking for authentic German cuisine, this is definitely a must for you.

The BBQ Bus was hands down my favorite truck. No exaggeration when I say it was the best barbecue I've ever eaten, and this is coming from a girl raised in Georgia — I know good barbecue. I ordered the combo plate, which included a pulled pork sandwich topped with homemade barbecue sauce, Cajun mashed potatoes and coleslaw. The barbecue was tender, juicy and bursting with flavor. The mashed potatoes were the perfect amount of spicy and cheesy and everything you could want in comfort food. But y'all — the sauce was outstanding. I recommend mixing a little in with everything on your plate. It was spicy, sweet and tangy all at once. I could drink this sauce, or bathe in it.

The Belgian Waffle Truck is another widely known truck in the Columbia area and lived up to its slogan: "Waffles … Not 'just' for Breakfast Anymore!" From breakfast options to dessert waffles, and even a veggie-burger waffle, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised. First, I tried the breakfast waffle to experience the waffle in its natural habitat. This waffle sandwich included homemade pork sausage and fried egg, topped with creamy white gravy. It was one of those foods that when you eat it, you can feel your arteries clogging, but you love every minute of it. Next, I tried a dessert waffle with whipped cream and powdered sugar. I stand by this decision because it was so simple and not overwhelming. Honestly, the waffle would’ve been delicious by itself. A crispy, golden brown on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.

2 Fat 2 Fly is the epitome of a food truck success story because they became so popular that they recently opened up their very own restaurant on Bluff Road. 2 Fat 2 Fly specializes in the holy grail of junk food: stuffed chicken wings. We spent the entire meal discussing the anatomy of chicken wings trying to figure out how they manage to stuff the wings with the to-die-for fillings. Regardless, we feasted like kings. First I tried the "Sucka Punch," which is stuffed with cheddar cheese, bacon and fresh jalapeños. Next, I had the "Song of the South" — a breaded and fried wing stuffed with collard greens and white rice. Finally, I had my favorite of the three and probably one of the top five foods I’ve ever eaten: mac-n’-cheese-stuffed wings. No words could ever describe how incredible it was — you’ll just have to try it yourself. To top off the meal of perfection, I had a giant basket of fries with Cajun seasoning. Make sure to order the "Fry Sauce." It will change your life.

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