Maximize Your (small) Space

Suite Style

by Hannah Cleaveland / Garnet & Black

Living in a dorm or a small apartment can often make you feel like the old woman who lives in a shoe, but a really small size-six Ugg that gives you blisters. Here are five storage tips to make your living space less shoe-sized and more palace-sized (okay, well at least actual room-sized).

You’re in Command™:
Extreme home makeovers aren’t exactly encouraged, but who says you can’t make use of those walls?, Command™ strips (or hooks)  will be that reliable friend you can always count on. Typically, they’re used for hanging up artwork or posters, but you can also hang your keys (for easy grab and go access) or even your jacket. While that utilitarian plastic might not be your cup of tea, these hooks come in many different colors, tints and shapes. Try the “stainless-steel” hooks for extra class. 

Think inside the box:
I know your room might feel like living in a box, so own it! Fabric boxes can be found almost everywhere and are perfect organization gadgets. The rectangular ones are great for putting in drawers to organize your socks and intimates so your dresser doesn’t turn into the Pandora’s box of fabrics. You can also get larger ones to use as assorted bins for all the debris coating your desk…or floor.

Get Lofty:
You’re probably familiar with lofting your bed for more storage, but why not loft everything else too? Some people call this invention a ‘shelf.’ While it might seem like a simple answer, the shelf is often overlooked. You can store textbooks and various knick-knacks that seem to hold no purpose except to take up your precious shoebox—I mean bedroom—space.

Hang in There:
While your prom dress might have seemed essential when you were packing your life away, now it’s only collecting dust in your closet while you wear T-shirts and norts on the daily. With the right choice of hanger, you can still have your cake and eat it too. Or in this case, hang the clothes that you use all the time alongside the high school favorites that haven’t seen the light in years. Let’s start with the basics: ditch those white plastic hangers, and trade them in for thin felt hangers. These take up half the space, and your clothes stick to them easier. However, pants/skirt hangers are the real winners, since these babies can hold up to five bottoms on one hanger!  Honorable mentions include: scarf/belt hangers.

Secret Compartment Furniture:
Cluttering your precious space with furniture might sound ridiculous, but it’s not. Ottomans are a particular piece that you should invest in, but only the ones with removable tops and inner room for storage. Who said wardrobes had the only portal to Narnia? It’s mind-blowing how much these can come in handy, like when guests are coming over and you need to stuff your miscellaneous junk out of sight.