Garnet & Black magazine is Student Media's newest publication, formed in 1994 as a consolidation of the University's former yearbook and literary magazine. This student magazine focuses on the issues of general interest to the Carolina community, and is distributed free to numerous locations in the Carolina community.

Editor-in-Chief: Jake Margle (sagandbe@mailbox.sc.edu)

Managing Editor: Olivia Reszczynski (gandbmanager@gmail.com)

Creative Director: Charlotte Price (gandbart@gmail.com)

Articles Editor: Julia Hogan (gandbeditorial@gmail.com)

Editorial Assistant: Juliette LaFerlita

Staff Writer: Kasey Meredith

Copy Chief: Madeleine Vath

Art Director: Rachel Johnson (gandbart@gmail.com)

Photo Editor: Josh Thompson (gandbphoto@gmail.com)

Assistant Photo Editor: Brennan Booker

Senior Photographer: Christian Tolbert

Videographer: Kyle Hayden (gandbvid@gmail.com)

Staff Designers: Alex Rusnak, Ashlyn Murphy

Web Editor: Robin Hendricks (gandblog@gmail.com)

Assistant Web Editor: Zoe Nicholson

Public Relations Director: Kelli Caldwell

Style Editor: Mylea Hardy (gandbstyle@gmail.com)

Style Assistant: Clara Marzolf