Defining a Death Queen


I was recently approached to write about what exactly it is that makes a Death Queen a Death Queen. This took me aback, because I realized I never really had a solid idea of what it is that entails a woman to be worthy of this title. For me, being a Death Queen was more of a presence and sort of energetic cloak and never a concrete description of the woman herself. Well, with a solid blog post topic in mind, it came time to sit down and define what it is that makes a woman a Death Queen—a priestess of this world and the next.

First off, let us all remember that this title is not as morbid as it sounds. Reminiscent of the “death” card in a tarot deck, the idea of death is not taken literally. When drawing the “death” card in a reading, it represents the idea of complete transformation. The “death” card represents one door closing and another opening, in the most transformative sense of the word. Think of it as the freshest start you can have. “Death” is one of my favorite cards for that reason; it is strong and capable of great change.

Now take this ideology of death and apply it to the woman who knows her own strength and is capable of harnessing it. A Death Queen is a woman who understands the infinite potential inside of her; she understands that we are reflections of the universe, so we are capable of unyielding possibility. A Death Queen is the woman who understands that the veil between this life and the next is thin. She is entirely aware of the energies she manifests and she sculpts them to her advantage. A Death Queen is a woman who wakes up with a smile on her face and an intention in her heart. She is a woman capable of immeasurable transformation, in every sense of the word.

Draping herself in black, a Death Queen understands that there is power in the night, and so she chooses to cloak herself in colors that imitate the midnight sky. Black is a color which repels negativity (whereas white attracts positivity), and since negativity is not on a Death Queen’s agenda she effortlessly wears black on black looks. Beyond the color black, the Death Queen understands that there is power in the way one presents herself, and so she uses this to her own advantage. A Death Queen couldn’t blend in if she tried, even with layers of the darkest fabrics surrounding her vibrant, and dark, soul.

A Death Queen is a woman who cultivates her potential in every facet of this life and the next. She is aware of the powers of the universe, yet she is firmly grounded in this life. A Death Queen is a woman who isn’t afraid of what lies beyond, quite the opposite in fact.

Mystery has always intrigued the Death Queen, after all.

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