Eat & Rally

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If the meal is something you would order two lunches in a row without an ounce of remorse, it does not suit the glorious carb and cheese covered category that satisfies an alcohol filled stomach.  »

The Divide

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At the center of the universe is a North American common house spider. Or at least that’s what the spider figured must be true, because it could remember the instant when space opened up and the universe suddenly appeared, fully formed around it. »

Columbia Open Studios Art Tour

This upcoming weekend, April 7th and 8th, Columbia Open Studios will host its annual free driving tour. The event is self led and includes artist studios from the Columbia area, as well as Lexington and Richland counties. »

I Know a Place

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Space Hall is a new, raw, collaborative space that its founders are hoping will help bridge the gap between artists, especially photographers, and resources within the Columbia area. »


If you’re new to off-campus living, here are three tips to stocking your pantry for success. »

Twelfth Night

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This production of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, directed by Louis Butelli, helps the viewer understand its story through its use of expressive acting, music and modern production tools.  »

Going Green

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While my foray into sustainable eating was remarkably short-lived, an increasing number of Americans are being drawn to the strictest of the meat-free diets: veganism.  »

Leaving the Nest

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The artistic opportunities that are offered by USC are a gift to students wanting time to hone their craft. But is the university alone enough for young artists? »

Salad Days

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Yes, some of the produce seems just as strange as Columbia getting a snowstorm, but everyone knows that college is the best time for experimenting. So get out of your comfort zone and into the kitchen. »


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“Ten.” A dozen or so voices. Digits appear on either side of the room, on screens like scoreboards. Glances flicker between the number and me. Why should they be nervous, with a wall of glass three inches thick between us? »