Just a Little Prick

editorial local
In this interview with two student volunteers and the campus commander of the COVID-19 emergency response teams, one can explore the various opinions and processes surrounding COVID-19 vaccination both locally and on campus. »

Starting a Business During a Pandemic

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Creating a business from nothing seems like a daunting task, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Against all odds so many determined Americans used these times as motivation to start a company from the ground up and many have found success in doing so.  »

Beyond the Four Walls

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The warm rays of the sun tease my skin as they seep through my blinds. The birds merrily chirp in the sky and relay secrets back and forth. The lush greenery across the street seems to stare through my window and chastise me for not taking advantage of the free oxygen it’s providing. These four walls, sturdy and withstanding, create a barrier between myself and the natural world. »

Celebrating During a Pandemic

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With the way this year is progressing, it looks like everyone is going to spend at least one birthday in the middle of a global pandemic. However, while it definitely puts a damper on some of the more exciting 21 birthday ragers, there are still fun ways to ring in your new age. »

A University’s Push for Inclusivity

editorial culture local
The University of South Carolina is no stranger to a prejudiced history as an educational institution. Fortunately, landmark initiatives, alumni, and student groups have paved the way for the University to progressively change in becoming conscious of students of all backgrounds, races, religions, and ethnicities. »

Digging Into a Slice of Cola

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A passion for cuisine and a vision for a franchise is often the goal for restaurateurs. Any restaurateur can dream of the day when their ideas manifest, but only a few are lucky enough to see their dreams manifest physically. »