Lighten the Mood

A post-election hangover, the end of football season and exams piled on top of projects are clogging up everyone’s schedules these days.  But in between the deadlines and Facebook comment wars of the past few months, we all need a little break.

Here is a list of the lightest and funniest shows, movies and music to check out to brighten your busy and stressful lives.

“Billy on the Street”

The fourth season of TruTV’s hilarious man-on-the-street quiz show premieres November 15th and is the perfect reprieve to the chaos of our lives.  Host Billy Eichner runs around the streets of New York City with a microphone and camera yelling celebrities’ names in strangers’ faces, playing meaningless games with celebrities and spending time with NYC-crank Elena (trust me you’ll love her).

The premiere features American prince Jon Hamm and hopefully will let viewers return to the obscure pop culture references and angry outbursts Eichner does best.  If you want to catch up before it comes back, all previous seasons of “Billy On The Street” and Eichner’s other shows— “Parks and Rec” and “Difficult People”— are available on Hulu.

"Hamilton: The Mixtape"

Between the morning poetry and general good-guyness, Lin Manuel-Miranda has blessed the world yet again by announcing a Hamilton mixtape.

The album will feature most of the songs from the original Broadway play remixed by popular artists. Notable musicians appearing include Alicia Keys, The Roots, Kelly Clarkson and… Jimmy Fallon?

Fallon’s surprising appearance aside, the epic take on an already epic soundtrack should make us proud of American history again (it may be hard for some right now).

“The Good Place”

This show is literally paradise.  “The Good Place” follows real-life fairy Kristen Bell’s Eleanor Shellstrop’s post-death life in Heaven—or The Good Place.

The twist is she’s a terrible, terrible person and definitely should have been sent to The Bad Place.  But with help from her “soul mate” and Ted Danson’s wacky Angelic manager, she tries to prove her place in paradise.

It’s hilarious, weird and a great way to feel good for 30 minutes before you have to drive in Columbia traffic and raise your blood pressure 20 points.  Catch it on NBC on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. or on Hulu.


I mean honestly, has Netflix ever let us down before?  It’s the perfect way to escape your anxiety-riddled life for an hour or twelve and become a human vegetable.

Everything from “Legally Blonde” and “Clueless” to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Chef’s Table” are at your fingertips, ready to be devoured.

I recommend “Gilmore Girls” or “Portlandia” to ease your befuddled mind into tranquility, but you could always go the Tarantino route. Netflix recently announced it will acquire all Disney Channel movies and shows, so that’s something we can all freak about—you could be watching “Smart House” or “The Proud Family” in the very near future… *happy cries*.

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